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    Allen Ayebare - Corporate Affairs Manager, Centenary Bank.

  • Centenary bank is proud to work with your esteemed company, we have watched you become a household advertising company with a unique creative style. Your professionalism and expertise, is a grand avenue for our bank to become a household brand name in every field of our choice. We continue to scale new heights with your ingenuity.

    Beatrice Lugalambi - General Manager Business Development, Centenary Bank.

  • It’s a team of young vibrant lads who enjoy working with brands. fireworks offers an alternative view to all my plans and thoughts... I value this so much.

    Timothy Luzinda - Brand Manager Pepsi-Cola and Mountain Dew, Crown Beverages Ltd

  • For us at CBL it has been a journey of excellent performance and continuous improvement. The culture at fireworks is soo infectious and adventurous that I have seen every employee work towards achieving the very best in them.

    Aggie Konde - Head of Marketing and Sales, Crown Bottlers Ltd

  • CBL is proud to have nurtured fireworks Advertising on to the Ugandan scene seeing that we were their first client. It is thrilling indeed to see a company grow from a handful of personnel to a multi-tasked team of young and enthusiastic people.

    Aggie Konde - Head of Marketing and Sales, Crown Beverages Ltd