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Rebranding: More than mere change of logo!

Friday 11th January 2013
  After a failed merger with Time Warner, AOL (formerly American Online) saw its brand and commercial fortunes dwindle. It increasingly gained dire repute as the “dinosaur of the Internet” Part of AOL’s headache was the failure to take off in global markets beyond the US. The name American Online was a significant contributor to low global sales. Earlier attempt to play it down by adopting the AOL acronym clearly came a cropper


Thursday 10th January 2013
  Show me sustained demand and I’ll show you a successful brand. There are two sides of demand though; creation and fulfilment. In the same mould, there are two types of entrepreneurs; the replicative and the innovative entrepreneurs. Replicative entrepreneurs are myriad but often with average success, if at all. This is your typical neighbour or friend who will copy your business idea at the drop of the hat.
The 4th Annual fireworks Art Exhibition

The Annual fireworks Art Exhibition 2012

Wednesday 5th December 2012
  Some consider collecting fine art pieces as a preserve for the rich and wannabes. So, in most cases the average Ugandan will abscond from any such functions, thus rendering the artists’ work redundant. Those with the money sometimes are cooped up in offices with no time to visit art galleries. In a bid to market artists’ work to buyers and promote a culture of collecting art among Ugandan corporates, fireworks Advertising started the...

Strategic Marketing: What the CEO wants to know

Thursday 2nd August 2012
  Unable to hold the marketing function accountable, many CEOs resort to what, in the eye of their marketing managers, amounts to meddling if not micro-management. Without the right explanation as to whether the marketing spend amounts to just that – expenditure - or if it actually enhances shareholder value, it would be reckless on the part of the CEO to assume that marketing will deliver results.

Setting your brand apart and staying ahead of the competition

Thursday 2nd August 2012
    Linda Nekesa is a quiet, free spirited doctor who likes to spend her free time gardening and listening to classical music. She also tends to be outgoing and extroverted other times and can be found out and about having a good time most weekends. Those close to her believe she will one day run her own business given her enterprising nature. Others, however, think Linda will most likely remain in formal employment at the hospital...

12 Golden Rules of Crisis Management

Saturday 31st March 2012
Corporate Messaging Corporate messaging is the pro-active identification and documentation of the most important things you want to say about your business or company to your target audiences. It’s an expression of how your product/service offering meets an important customer need or differs from the competition. It’s not what you say, it’s how you say it! Remember not only to say the right thing in the right place, but far more difficult still...
fireBrand - fireworks Advertising Uganda

The fireworks Annual fireBrand Awards 2011

Thursday 26th January 2012
When asked what her most memorable moment for 2011 was at fireworks, Dorothy Mukimba said the Crown Beverages Limited MirindaRific promotion, an account in her docket, by far outstripped everything else. The late working hours, pressure to deliver to client and the accompanying stress were something to remember.
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Call for Application - PR & Digital Communications Manager

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