The fireworks Annual Art Exhibition 2011

Some consider collecting fine art pieces as a preserve for the rich and wannabes. So, in most cases the average Ugandan will abscond from any such functions, thus rendering the artists’ work redundant. Those with the money sometimes are cooped up in offices with no time to visit art galleries.

In a bid to market artists’ work to buyers and promote a culture of collecting art among Ugandan corporates, fireworks Advertising started the Annual Art Exhibition in 2009 to recognise the efforts and achievements of local artists.
The event supports upcoming creative talents through imparting marketing and branding expertise and exposes them to new markets. It also mobilises the corporate world to appreciate and support upcoming creative artists by adorning corporate homes and offices with local art.

In line with this goal, fireworks partnered with the Uganda German Cultural Society (UGCS) to host the inaugural and second exhibitions from which both parties hoped to make art come alive in everyone’s life. The exhibition is also meant to raise appreciation of Ugandan art and explore untapped art potential, create a link between artists and potential art buyers and showcase the value of art in the office environment, workspace design and overall corporate image.

In addition, create exposure & confidence for upcoming artists by empowering them to commercially explore their talent and reinforce the link between visual arts and creative communication/advertising.
The artists were identified by UGCS, which has worked with a number of amateur and senior artists over the last two decades.
Those who have featured in previous exhibitions include;

  • Edison Mugalu
  • Ronnex Ahimbisibwe
  • Ismail Damba
  • Robert Ojok
  • Ronnie Ogwang
  • Eric Nsubuga Sane
  • Ismail Katerega
  • Eric Rwakoma
  • Henry Mzili Mujunga
  • Gerald Ssali
  • Stella Atal