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DFCU Customer Engagement 2010

Tuesday 1st February 2011

The Situation

While DFCU bank technically had a web presence, it was not doing much to drive new online customer enquiries. Other local banks had a stronger web presence and far greater visibility in search engines. The DFCU marketing team sought to not only catch up to competitors, but also transform the DFCU online website into the 'go-to destination' for anyone looking for information on banking.

The Client Brief

As part of the client brief, fireworks Advertising was expected to undertake the following:

  1. Position DFCU online as the resource for news and project updates
  2. Redesign a website that would enable and enhance customer engagement
  3. Keep the website up to date and ever-evolving with new ideas/segments and activities

The Challenge

At the time, the ratio of mobile phone users to computer users in Uganda stood at 5:1. As a channel for inquiries, it was easier for a customer to call DFCU than go online and inquire through the bank’s website.

Considering that 93% of the Internet users spend their time on facebook (source synovate – December 2010 report), the bank had to share the 7% of Internet users with all other websites including the online papers and other social networks. Nothing short of a compelling proposition would deliver the desired traffic to the intended website. This was our challenge!

Our Approach/Solution

Upon assessment of the DFCU website and comparison to other bank sites, the fireworks Advertising digital team gave it a strong rating on structure and content.

To meet the objective of making the site a resource for news and project updates would erode the quality of experience that the website visitors found compelling. This experience was driven by access to bank tools and functions like e-banking, the loan calculator, forex calculator and many others.

Our proposed solution was to leave the website as is and create a separate portal that would act as a resource for news and project updates. The fireworks Advertising team in essence realized and respected the fact that the website had its own audience and so would be the portal.

We therefore created a portal in the form of a blog, targeting the Investment groups as the primary audience and the rest of the Internet users as the secondary audience. 90% of the content was created for the DFCU investment groups. The rest of the content was tailored for the general Internet users


DFCU investment club forums have a total attendance of between 150 to 250 cub members. A total of 2 forums were held in the 3 months period and the blog got close to 3000 total page views.