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Broadband Company

Thursday 26th January 2012

Founded in 2006, The BroadBand Company - an Internet Service Provider (ISP) - had been in existence for two years but little was known about it. To get traction in the market, the company needed to re-launch, build awareness and sign up subscribers.

The situation

With 12 Internet service providers including Infocom, Africa Online, MTN and UTL, the ISP market was significantly competitive. Besides, most customers were cynical about Internet services due to the slow speeds and unreliability they had experienced over the years.

The challenge

BroadBand Company faced the challenge of gaining top of mind awareness and signing up customers in sufficient numbers to recoup their investment in Uganda.

Our recommended strategy

Based on our knowledge and understanding of the market, fireworks Advertising recommended the following strategy:
Adopt a top down approach in communication that will not talk down to consumers but empathize with their feelings in regard to Internet inefficiencies in Uganda.


We developed a 360 degree communication campaign that included TV, Radio, Outdoor (Billboards) and ambient branding (in bathrooms and taxis) in Kampala. This was combined with internal communications, a media launch and public launch.


Following the launch campaign, The BroadBand Company commissioned an independent awareness campaign. Out of all the correspondents, 50% confirmed that they primarily joined the ISP due to the advertising campaign.