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Mirinda Loosen Up Campaign 2011

Wednesday 25th January 2012

The Situation

Mirinda had been running under the Loosen Up theme since 2010. However, the thematic campaign had not been comprehensively executed. With a goal of building equity for the brand, Crown Beverages Ltd (Pepsi Uganda) briefed fireworks Advertising to develop and execute a thematic campaign that would re-energize and connect the Mirinda brand with the youth.


Re-connect with the core target audience under the thematic Loosen Up, a youthful theme.

The Task

fireworks Advertising was tasked to develop a 360 Degree execution plan that will enable implementation of the thematic campaign, with an aim of rejuvenating the Mirinda brand.

The Challenge

Over the years, Mirinda had grown into a mass-market brand with sales and loyalty that cut across demographic plain. Our challenge was to create campaign that would connect with the youth without drastically alienating the mature segments.

Our Approach

Fireworks advertising analyzed available research and conducted surveys among brand Mirinda’s target audience. This gave us an insight on how/when the audience interacts with the brand,the types of messages this audience relate best to and the different communication platforms the brand can engage with them.
In the end, we sought to have the youth as the hero of the campaign but retained an authentic role for the mature consumer as well.

The Output

The output for the campaign included various materials and executions for the following platforms:

  • Radio ads, mentions and jingle
  • Outdoor communication – billboards, car branding, suburban signs and flagpoles
  • Experiential