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Mountain Dew BreakOut Campaign 2011

Wednesday 25th January 2012

The Situation

Since the launch of Mountain Dew in 2008, the brand continued to grow in volume and market share. However, as the volume and market share grew the brand was declining on a number of equity measures. The brand was not “connecting” with its core target audience. Mountain Dew was fast becoming a mass product rather than the teen brand it is known to be globally.

The Objective

Re-connect with the core target audience and position Mountain Dew as a teen brand under the thrilling and youthful theme of Break Out.

The Task

fireworks Advertising was tasked to develop a 360 Degree execution plan that will enable implementation of the thematic campaign, with the aim of building the brand by accentuating the critical equity measures.

The Challenge

The challenge was to develop and execute a communication campaign that would position Mountain Dew as a teen brand and get the youth to adopt the brand as their number one soda. This goal was effectively undermined by the brand’s initial success that saw it adopted by consumers across a wide demographic spread. That many mature consumers were opting for Mountain Dew, teens no longer saw it as the brand for them.

Our Approach

Fireworks Advertising started with a survey among Mountain Dew’s core target audience - teenagers. This gave us an insight on how and when the audience interacts with the brand,the types of messages this audience connects with and the different communication platforms the brand can engage with them.

Key insight…

Teenagers are caught in a never ending conflict between the need for adult support (read allowances and family honor) and the acute desire for freedom to be with their peers and direct their own life as they would see fit.
This guided us in executing the thematic.


fireworks Advertising developed a number of materials for execution across various platforms including:

  • Radio ads, mentions and jingle
  • Outdoor communication – billboards, car branding, suburban signs and flagpoles
  • Experiential
  • Online communication