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NSSF COMPLIANCE CAMPAIGN: Whistle Blower & Amnesty

Thursday 26th January 2012

CREATE IMPACT WITH SHOCK ADVERTISING Faced with cash flow pressure, employers were not remitting NSSF funds deducted from their employees’ salaries.

The Situation

Despite being a statutory requirement for employers to register with NSSF and regularly contribute for their employees, only a proportion of employers - mainly in Kampala - were registered and actively contributing to NSSF. Up to 4300 employers were not remitting employee contributions to NSSF as they should. At UGX 27Bn per month, the fund’s monthly collection was below the ideal. NSSF needed to significantly increase its collections within a fairly short time.
fireworks Advertising was briefed to develop a communication campaign that would give employers a compelling reason to comply by registering and making their contribution to the Fund.  

The challenge

Faced with cash flow pressure, employers were not remitting NSSF funds deducted from their employees’ salaries. Put differently, employers were robbing thousands of employees of their savings every month. Our challenge was to reverse this situation and get employers to make regular remittances to NSSF without incurring high costs in debt collection.

Our recommended strategy

After thorough diagnosis of the situation and picking the psych of the target (employees and employers) we recommended a two-way approach; namely a pull and push strategy.

The pull strategy  (The Amnesty Campaign):

The pull strategy was deployed in the form of an “Amnesty campaign” targeted at employers. We opted to give the employers (defaulters) a grace period of six months within which they can clear their accumulated balances without incurring penalties. Also within the same period non-registered employers were given a chance to voluntarily come out and register with NSSF.

The push strategy (The Whistle Blower Campaign):

Running in tandem with the pull strategy, we deployed a push strategy in the form of the “whistle blower” campaign that targeted at employees. The focus was to encourage through incentives to pressure report their employers who may not be remitting deductions to NSSF.
Both aspects of the campaign were executed through print, radio, TV, outdoor and online channels.


The Compliance campaign was implemented two phases as illustrated below

  • Press briefing: fireworks’ PR team staged a press briefing at which the NSSF Marketing team took the media through the issues and rationale for the campaign.
  • Media Campaign.